Deep Hole Drilling tools

If you are searching for high performing deep hole drilling tools then you are at the right place. SXKH came up with a wide range of gun drill tools that are popular for  high precision performance and assures that all of the chips extracted by the drill head are exhausted through the V-shaped chip flute of the gun drill shank .These tools are easy to operate , highly precise and provide you with furnished drilling experience.


Single Fluted Deep Hole Drilling Tool   



  •  Suitable for almost every material, from Ø2-40.0m, max. total length 3000mm.
  • Drilling depth more than 10×D High drilling performance Precision roundness.




Two Fluted Deep Hole Drill with solid carbide tools    


  • suitable for cast iron, aluminium and short-
    chipping non-ferrous metals, from Ø 6.0-27.0 mm, max. total length 1000 mm.
  • Two Cutting Edges & Two Flutes.
  • Faster production of holes.





Deep Hole Drilling accessories         

  • Deep Hole Drilling guide bush, Whipguide bush, rubber bush.
  • BTA-tube, BTA-guide bush, tube bush,
  • Special spare parts on request.




Deep Hole drill regrind machine fixtures   


  • Easy operation
  • Three pointed chuck clamp
  • Easy regrinding outer & inner cutting angle
  • Easy operation by spring cam
  • Spindle with ball bearings
  • Stepless control of cam






Single Tube System   

  • Coolant oil fluid supply is fed through an oil pressure head between the outside of the drill tube and the hole wall.
  • A seal between the workpiece and the drill bush is necessary.
  • Double the coolant pressure and quantity are required than with the Ejector system.
  •  Preferably used for materials with long chip formation, such as stainless steel, low carbon steel and materials with an uneven structure.
  • Single tube system is more advantageous for extremely long workpieces.



Ground brazed BTA-head YM10

  • Coating Available!  TiN, TiCN, TiALN