Now turning the large dies / moulds is safer and quicker. When any die / mould used in horizontal Injection moulding or Die Casting Machine is to be opened for maintenance, it requires to be turned 90 degree first. Smaller moulds are easier to turn 90 degree however wneg the moulds are very big and heavy, it’s a very risky, time taking and laborious job. We have two solutions for this – 90-degree Mould Flipper and 180-degree Mould Flipper.

FMG Series- 90-degree Turn Table

mould flipper

-Electrical motor driven

-Economical and free maintenance

-Occupy dedicated space to keep the table

-Saves time, manpower and operator’s fatigue

mould fliiper



mould flipper


FMG Series- 180 degree Mould Flipper


mould fliiper

-Hydraulic cylinder driven, very safe to flip the mould by 90 degree

-Saves time, manpower and Operator’s fatigue

-The tables can rest at 180 degree

-Does not require any dedicated space to keep the machine as the complete Hydraulic system can be accommodated in pit and the mould maintenance can be done while the mould is kept on the table.


mould fliiper


Download the catalogue here:

Mould Flipper Catalogue