We are the Indian arm of Ningbo ShunXingKaiHao Machinery Co. Ltd. that takes care of complete sales and after sales support for the entire product range produced at Ningbo works.

The range of products comprises of:

1.Die Spotting Press

We are pleased to introduce World class Die Spotting Presses. Our Four pillar type Press have many advantages over the conventional Square Ram Type machines. The machines offer highest accuracy and are economically priced.

2.Quick Die / Mould Changing Clamps

Our range of Quick Die/Mould Changing systems help industries to save time and enhance productivity by making the process of changing dies / moulds effortless and safe, at the click of a button. These clamps are used for Injection Moulding Machines, Die Casting Machines and Stamping Press.

3.Mould Flipper

We offer 90 deg and 180 deg Mould turning machine that makes turning your big mould an easy job. Two cranes are no more required and the process becomes safer for the operators.

4.Magnetic Clamps for CNC Machines

We offer variety of standard sizes and any customized size of Magnetic Beds for VMCs and CNC Machining centres for quick and accurate clamping of work-pieces to be machined.

5. Gun Drilling Machines

A range of multi axis Deep Hole Drilling, Milling and Threading machine to fulfill all your needs to make cooling and airlines in Dies and moulds and other applications, having high depth to diameter ratios.

 The Indian team consists of expert Sales Specialists with in depth product knowledge and Service Engineers with hands on experience in Installations and trouble shooting.

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